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  In the past, baking talents were always cultivated by traditional modes handed down from master to apprentice. Although this emphasizes the workmanship of the master, this type of learning lacks modern management concepts including cost control, understanding of nutrition and health security, and thus, is incapable of cultivating talented professionals of Western baking who hold both an international and modern view.    

  Furthermore, in the future, Taiwan’s people will not only emphasize the joy of eating but more so highlight eating high-quality, refined and healthy food. Internalization and modernization of cuisines are goals that Taiwan’s people make great efforts to pursue and that are formulated by the Sightseeing Bureau of the Ministry of Communications in order to increase life quality.

  Mr. Fudeng, who was the former president of our university, applied to the Ministry of Education to establish these departments in February 1996, and, after being approved in August, the autumn class started recruitment in 1997, the two-year senior program was founded in 2000 and the four-year senior program was added in August 2002.

  The Western baking department started to recruit students for the junior college in 1996 with the approval of the Ministry of Education

Autumn class started recruitment in 1996.

  College was reformed and renamed the Baking Management Department in 2000, and the two-year senior program was added.

  Four-year senior program was added in 2002.

  Two-year junior college program stopped recruitment in 2003.

  Two-year senior program stopped recruitment in 2007.

  It was upgraded to a university in 2010, and classes were added to a four-year senior program.

Teaching Goals

  Cultivate talented baking professionals who have basic baking theories, practical creation ability of baked goods and international horizons, as well as management concepts of modern operation.

  Cultivate students’ mature interpersonal relations, to have abilities in expression, communication, critical thinking and problem solving.

  Enhance students’ quality and ability for further study; lay a foundation of sustainable development for a career and lifelong learning.

Teaching Features

  Actively instruct students to acquire the technique accreditation certificate for B class technicians issued by the occupation training bureau of the labor committee of Executive Yuan in order to increase professional level.

Develop students’ potential in design, innovation and research on baked goods and baking techniques.

  Increase students’ ability in marketing, operating and managing baked goods.

  Strengthen instruction of computer skills, cultivate students’ professional skills of computer usage, utilizing information and increasing their management and marketing efficiency.

  Cultivates students’ ability of excellent communication in foreign languages to increase international ability.

  Emphasize cultivation of a professional dedicated spirit and occupational moral education.